Fliying with Nok Air

Time was flying on our trip around South East Asia so we chose to fly during the end of our adventure, scratching some extra time, with Nok Air.

Imagine that to travel by bus from South Vietnam till the centre of the country takes around 25 hours. It takes another 25 hours to go from the centre to the north, so flying was the most sensible thing to do. But this is not the flight I want to talk to you about.

I check many travel search engines, but my favourite one is Skyscanner.

We searched for flights from Hanoi to Phuket and we found an absolute bargain, flight for 100€, baggage included stopping in Bangkok with Nok Air.

We flew from Nội Bài International Airport, 25 kilometres from the centre of Hanoi. By taxi, this can cost around 200,000-250,000 Vietnamese Dongs (10€) and it takes around 40 minutes to get there, depending on traffic too.

We took a really early taxi, around 6 am. Being honest, you can fall asleep on this ride, especially at that time, but my sleep wore off when I saw the driver falling asleep too!

Even his head was banging against the steering, he started slapping himself trying to wake up… I was thinking this couldn’t be happening. I wasn’t very alarmed until I realised that if he fell asleep the taxi would go all over the place without control.

That unchained a fake cough attack and fake sneezes. I kept faking them and also pretending to clear my voice in a very high tone, fake deafening sneezes kept coming out of me in order to keep the driver awake. I bet that poor taxi driver must have gone home assuming I had a very bad illness. I just wanted to make it safe and sound to the airport, and thanks to my performance, so it was.

Our experience

I already knew about Nok Air thanks to the very funny and colorful designs of the aircraft feet. All very attractive and incredibly well done, in a way that the planes do look like birds. It was over beyond our expectations.

The flight left on time and for the first time in my life, half empty. We could change seats and get as comfortable as we wanted.

What surprise we had when we were served breakfast. A small box with a bottle of water and bakery. A really nice gift (Ryanair, take note).

In less than two hours we were in Bangkok. Our passports got stamped, we picked our luggage and off to the next check-in.

Overall, service with Nok Air was perfect. The only issue is that they don’t take care of luggage on flights with stops, so you have to take check in and out when you stop when it’s more comfortable to switch terminals without worrying about luggage.

The Bangkok-Phuket flight was also on time and caring too. We were given another box with a bottle of water and bakery.

Service with Nok Air was impeccable and attentive. Although the inside design isn’t as impressive as the outside one, the aircraft is very comfortable. Being an Asian low cost, it does have the same advantages as a non-low cost European airline. No doubt I would trust Nok Air again.






Translation by Jordi.I.


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