Backpacking orgasms

Orgasm: Maximum excite in which you experience an intense pleasure, followed by relaxation.

Being a backpacker is a self-learning lifestyle were through the traveling experience you search for your own personal growth.

Backpacking traveling can be divided into many aspects:

1. Booking the ticket is already an orgasmic experience, backpacking or not, it’s always a pleasure to invest in.

2. Traveling with your backpack anywhere, avoiding transport, although you end up feeling like a camel.

3. Traveling with no routes, it’s handy to have one planned but I believe it’s better not to plan too much, so you can change if you feel like it. You might enjoy or not where you are, shortening or increasing your stay. This has happened to me and I’m glad I didn’t plan too much so I was able to change my mind with no problem.

If you’re traveling with plenty of time, I recommend you not to plan or purchase transport tickets with too much time, as you might want to stay longer.

This happening leads to two options, wasting money or feeling forced to leave.

4. Using public transport. Moving around with your backpack is already a big stimulus as I mentioned back on nº2, but traveling on a tuk-tuk, a minivan, two buses and other local transports to make it to your destiny is really satisfying.

5. Staying at hostels and guesthouses is a must for backpacking. Around South East Asia you will find hostels for backpackers everywhere. Personally, I choose the basics, good prices, sharing room and bathrooms occasionally, but always checking the cleaning.

Other options I go for are guesthouses, private homes which offer private rooms for travelers. It’s a win-win. They might not be helpful speaking English, but service is absolutely impeccable. Being their own house they keep it clean, looked after and always very helpful and caring. They even include breakfast and delicious local food!

My favorite guesthouses so far are:

-Matara, Sri Lanka – Guillet Beach Home

-Khao Sok, Thailand – Khao Sok Guesthouse Resort

6. Catching up with fellow backpackers and sharing experiences. Wherever you go with your backpack you will always meet people in a similar situation. Basic questions are the following

-What’s your name?

-Where do you come from?

-How long have you been traveling for?

-Where have you already been?

Asking for age is optional but really important. This will be the main questions you will make and answer.

7. The “art of packing”. You will become an expert in packing. During your trip, you will pack and unpack so many times you won’t be able to count them. You will make beginners mistakes, you will drive yourself mad thinking you won’t fit everything inside your backpack, but little by little you will become an expert and you will discover different ways to pack optimizing your free space.

You will master the rolling technic and packing will become an art. Each time it will take you less time to plan and pack.

8. Resolving issues and enjoying finding solutions. Each one of us organizes our trips in different ways, destination, excitement, the adventure, budget, memories… It’s a LIFE EXPERIENCE and every experience includes learning from it. This includes searching for information, resolving the accommodation, learning to camp, learning to pack, becoming independent, surviving, creating sources to keep on traveling or traveling with no money.

These are my backpacking orgasms. Surely you have many like mine, so I hope you share them with us through social media on the hashtag #OrgasmoMochileroMahalo.

You can also comment your point of view about the post on the comments box.

Mahalo-Thank you! 

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