How to get to Bangkok centre from the Airport

In this post I’m going to share with you my experience flying with Air China and I’ll give you detailed information on how to get to Bangkok center if you are flying to Subarbanumi Airport.

Flying with Air China

After 3 planes and over 12 hours of travelling (including delays and 3 different countries), we finally got to Thailand.


Trip was quite long and hard. As I said, we flew with Air China, surrounded by Chinese people, from Barcelona to Thailand, with 2 stopovers, Vienna (Austria) and Beijing (China).

In my opinion, I was not so happy about the company, and I’m about to tell you why.

  1. It is a Chinese company, so it is focused on the Chinese clients. We felt out of the place, very lost. Just like Dori and Martin looking for Nemo. Lack of information.
  2. The stewardesses do NOT speak English.

They were announcing some information by the P.A. in perfect mandarin first, then we supposed to hear same information in English (at least) but it ended all of a sudden, so no English information was given at all.

I had no idea if the information was or not important as I didn’t understand anything (I don’t speak Chinese, yet) so I called the stewardess and asked if she could tell me what they just had said.

 “We just said same information in English after the Chinese” she said. Well, my poker face was begging her to repeat the information once again. Bad idea.

If the P.A. announcement was for real given in English probably was better English than the one that Miss Stewardess was speaking in front of me, explaining me everything in what I thought was English but for sure was not… I ended up understanding even less than in the previous P.A. announcement. Believe me, my niece speaks better English and she is just 1y.o.

Long story short, they were about to serve food and she didn’t know how to say “chicken” so her phrase was: “eat now animal coming”. OMG… Got it. I just prayed it was cooked lol.

My friend is always telling jokes, and if you give him a plane full of Chinese people, well, you got served. So, the trip was entertaining thanks to him.

We also got movies, snacks, few meals…

In the last leg from Beijing to Bangkok we changed the plane, and this had no screens anymore. It was more like a big flying bus, quite old though.

We got to Bankgok Subarbanumi airport and after collecting our luggage and get our Passport stamped we went to buy SIM cards, so we could have data during our stay.

Tip: if you travel in a group and more than one is buying a SIM card, don’t forget to exchange numbers just in case.


Getting to the center is actually very easy. But I’m going to leave you some tips so it’s even easier (and cheaper) for you to get there if it’s your first time.

At the Airport you will see the signs for the City Rail Link. My advice is that you take the blue line. It’s the easier and cheaper way. It’s about 40THB per person and you can get tickets at the machines. Just follow these steps.

Once on the station (City Rail Link, blue line), go to a ticket machine and choose English language.

It will appear a travel plan/itinerary on the screen where you have to choose which stop are you going to which is Phaya Tai. Then price is showed. Once you’ve payed you will get 2 tokens. You will need both to enter and exit the station/platform.

Use the token to access the platform. Once the train is there take it and go until the last station which is Phaya Tai. You can check the station’s name through the window as they are placed in every station. Normally everyone gets off on that station as it’s the last one. If you don’t get off in that stop you will travel back to the Airport Station.

Don’t worry, if that happens to you like it happened to us (as we were not very focused), just get off the train, change platform and take next train towards Phaya Tai.

You will need your token to exit the Station.

From there you can take a Taxi to your hostel/hotel.

VERY IMPORTANT! Don’t forget to always ask for the taximeter when you take a Taxi/Tuk Tuk. They might not want to. If that happens just get off the Taxi and take another one. Just before entering the Taxi always ask the driver for the taximeter. Check that they turn it On when trip starts.

If you don’t ask for Taximeter they will always tell you whatever price they want. You are tourists and they want your money. Why should you pay more?

Welcome to Thailand and enjoy your vacation!

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