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Must-sees in Salzburg in one day

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If you are planning to visit Austria but have limited time, you are in the right place. In this post you will find the essential must-sees in Salzburg in one day.

Being from the Canary Islands, I am used to a winter temperature of 17 degrees Celsius on average, so I ventured to visit the city of Salzburg, Austria, in temperatures of -4 or -7 degrees Celsius. Watching it snow, burying my feet in the snow, throwing snowballs without any reason.

In the northern parts of Gran Canaria, ( where I was born), temperatures can drop to around 0, while if you are lucky, on the Summit, it sometimes snows, lately with more intensity than I remember from my childhood ( we only went there once), which could hardly be considered a snowfall.

I think any Austrian would laugh out loud at what we considered “a snowfall” in Gran Canaria.

I stood before a magnificent city, with a lot of history, Mozart was born in Salzburg ( you will see his house below), Paracelsus, a famous Swiss alchemist, died in Salzburg. Lots of culture, the Salzburg Festival, and even the Red Bull industry is built in Salzburg. A welcoming city, with a large number of visitors, on both banks of the Salzach river that crosses the city.

A river that has a bridge that is dedicated to love, with padlocks to seal love, as I have seen in the cities of St. Giljan (St. Julian’s) in Malta and Cologne in Germany. A tradition that started in Paris.


What to see in Salzburg in one day


The Mozarts Geburthaus

The house where Mozart was born on 27 January 1756, at number 9 of the Getreidegasse. A building which, at least for me, is rather discreet as it does not break with the aesthetics. Although it is always easy to find, due to the large number of visitors that the house attracts. I visited the inside, the entrance fee is 11€ per person and photography and video are forbidden.

There is a large collection of objects that belonged to the artist and his family, paintings and family portraits, jewellery, instruments and original scores by the brilliant musician. As a curiosity, you can visit the room where he was born, they have preserved a lock of Mozart’s own hair, his first violin, the original of his work “The Magic Flute” and his harpsichord.






The authentic Mozartkugel or Mozart Bonbons.

They come wrapped in blue and silver and can be found in the Café Konditorei Fürst, est. 1884. So don’t be fooled, look for these! Here is a map so you won’t get lost.


Hohensalzburg Fortress

One of the must-see sights in Salzburg in one day is without a doubt the Hohensalzburg Fortress. The largest and best preserved medieval fortress in Europe. Built between the 11th and 17th centuries, it was built in 1077 and thereafter renovated and extended until that date. It took on its present appearance in the 15th century.

It has two entrances, one by foot and the other by cable car. Entry by cable car costs €15.50, with discounts for teenagers and groups. Due to weather conditions we chose the cable car as the access on foot is quite steep and was covered with ice. Photos and videos are also prohibited inside the rooms, although the pictures that can be taken from outside offer a spectacular view of the city of Salzburg.

Among other things they have recreations of what the rooms were like, medieval armour on display, period art, a room with a screen explaining the passage of history in the castle, from the arrival of Columbus in America to the beginning of the Renaissance, with the option of listening in German, English and Italian. There is an exhibition on torture and the various weapons and forms used in this sad part of man’s history.

Of course, as a lover of the medieval world, this became my favourite visit.


Mirabel Gardens

We continue with our one day visit in Salzburg. Located in Mirabel Castle, just outside the walls of Salzburg, it has a great presence in the musical ”The Sound of Music’‘. They feature mythological-themed statues, several boxwood trees and extensive walking areas. Access to the gardens is free while the castle is today the office of the mayor and the city council, it is also where the Salzburg Palace Concerts are held. I found it like this, though:



And this is what I did in one day in Salzburg – would I go back? Definitely!


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