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Pai – The backpacker destination

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Our adventures around South-East Asia don’t cease, we’ve decided to forget about minivans tours for a few days, so we chose to rent bikes to roll around. We finally arrived in Pai, the town considered as a backpacker destination.

  It’s actually well cheap and easy to rent a scooter and you can save a lot on tours if you do them by yourself. In Pai, where we are now, the main touristic points of interest are really close between them. For those of you with no driving license you have another option, just for a little more money, you can rent a scooter too.

At the beginning it might be shocking to drive on the opposite side of the road (left side for me), I admit it. Especially in this country where no one respects traffic signs, even with a Traffic Police giving instructions… Once you see a whole family, Dad, Mum, kids, even babies on the same puffing scooter, you will understand everything.

But a good thing about Thailand is the absence of roundabouts, same as indicators, you don’t get to see them so you won’t need to worry about which side to be. Just breath, let go and keep a hand on the horn when possible.

Today was the third day with our Yamaha, so I felt really comfortable, like fish in water, or my case, like Marc Marquez on his Honda.

With our backpacks ready we have started our super biking route around Pai stopping to gaze at cascades, viewpoints… We especially liked a place of Hot Springs, although this was an expensive trip.


We carried on with our route to visit the World War II Bridge Memorial, the Great Canyon of Pai and finally, we have arrived at the Chinese village of Santichon, a Thai style Chinatown.

  I strongly recommend you to follow the path that goes through Santichon as it leads to an amazing viewpoint with incredible views for just 20 THB per ticket, tea and two cups included for you to enjoy at their tea spot.

Views from up there are priceless. Panoramic at such a high place is spectacular and the views of the Chinese village, Pai and the green mountains with flowers of a thousand different colours will change your perception. A total mind blow.

Up there with those views upon your eyes, even tea tastes different, not talking about flavour, you know what I mean.


Back at the village as every day we find the night market in a street right in the heart of Pai. Which is also really scenic.

It’s not as busy as many markets like the ones at Bangkok or Chiang Mai but it is a bit more expensive than the rest.

It takes time and a good eye to find good prices.

The town of Pai is mainly four streets, literally, so it’s impossible to get lost. You could actually that this is by excellence the most backpacking town of Thailand. And in those four streets, you will find on both sides offers to rent a bike during your stay in this village up in the mountain.

In conclusion, from my personal point of view, this is the place I’ve liked the most so far.

  In addition, I’d like to comment that, not showing off cause anyone can afford it, I can’t avoid telling you that the best of Pai is the accommodation. Beautiful cottages, treehouses, bungalows… and all at a very reasonable price.

I’m adding to this post a few pictures of where we are “suffering” our stay for the last few nights, just for 8€ per night and per cottage, this place is named Chang Pai Resort.

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