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What to eat in Sri Lanka

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In Sri Lanka, gastronomy is very wide, and if you are planning to travel to the country many of you will be wondering what to eat in Sri Lanka.  Well, let me tell you, you are in the right place since in this section we will talk about two typical dishes that you cannot miss if you visit Sri Lanka.


Roti is a type of bread used in Indian cuisine and some other Asian countries.

It is a very simple dish, which you can buy anywhere and it is very cheap, for example, a coconut Roti costs you about 20 LKR (0.12 €)

Plain roti as a side dish

It is made from wheat flour cooked on a flat or slightly concave iron surface called Tawa. It is always used as an accompaniment and admits any food inside it, as it is sometimes rolled up.

You can add eggs, vegetables, spices, etc and thus it is called Egg Roti, Coconut Roti (my favourite)…

Coconut roti

I advise you that, if you don’t like spicy, ask for it plain and without spices (egg or coconut) since in this country almost everything is spicy.

This dish can also be eaten cold, that way you can buy it and take it on an excursion for when you get a little hungry.

As a lunch or dinner dish, there are chicken rotis, vegetables, cheese, etc. And there is also the sweet version of this delicacy, such as chocolate, banana … In the background, it is like a crêpe. You can choose the one you like the most of its many variants.

Chicken and cheese roti


Kottu is one of the most typical dishes of Sri Lanka, it is made from a type of Roti.

In general, the consumer chooses what and how many ingredients are included. The Kottu is considered the Sri Lankan equivalent of the hamburger, in terms of its popularity.

Plato de Kottu

Be careful, because Kottu is almost always spicy so be sure to ask for it without spices so that they do not add extra to yours.

I hope you liked this post, short but tasty one. You can check here the video with the dishes and a small demonstration of how they are prepared.


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