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Summit your Everest

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Every person has its own Base Camp and the main goal is to Summit your Everest. I’m going to be more detailed in this post.

Typical, you have your friends, acquaintances, relatives who you might not see in a long time, or even you haven’t seen them for months or years ago. Then you travel, here and there. Trips that you have been working for it, earnt it from your own hard work and sweat. And I want to leave that clear because all they say is “How cool! You’re always travelling!”, “You’re living the life!”… without having or thinking it twice.

But to travel is not that easy, to achieve what I have, I have worked hard, and give up things. As everyone knows, nothing is for free and to travel neither.

Furthermore, travel is not a cheap whim. Quite the contrary, it is expensive and suffered. There are people that work hard to pay studies, the rent, or just to survive… I do work so I can travel and see new places. In conclusion, that’s my way of living.

I recently realized that travelling is the best drug, but not cheap. The certain thing is that is the healthiest drug, it heals the ills, opens your mind and enriches you with everything a trip brings. It doesn’t matter if it’s a train trip in a remote country or an all-inclusive holiday on a paradise beach. Because everything counts and contributes its bit. That’s why you should always aim to Summit your Everest.

I will leave here a picture that speaks itself:

Summit your Everest

So, going back to the point of friends and acquaintances; Maybe you don’t see them in a long time and then they just say ” You forgot your friends”, or something similar. Maybe they say it as a joke, but then you keep thinking and you remember, in all these months you’ve been away, they also forgot to call o text you, or asked how you were. But now, they are demanding explanations, for instance.

Being away for a long time it’s also not easy. It’s not only cool pictures at cool places. Even if you are surrounded by people you sometimes feel lost, alone, sad, anxious…

What’s the point?

So my point is, you are at your Base Camp, you study, work or do whatever you feel. Out there, there is an Everest to be climbed, away of your day a day. So for me, going out of a comfort zone or just a routine, in my case is to travel, to summit your Everest, that should be everyone’s goal.

I would tell you something, to those who don’t leave their comfort zone. When you leave your Base Camp to “explore”, then you go back and see nothing has changed at all. At least, anything that has to do with you: There’s a new roundabout in the city, That shop closed, your friend is pregnant, the other got divorced, your family member is getting married… things like that.

As I said before, every person has their own Base Camp. I am the kind of person that does not like to be for a long time at the same place. I am more like a restless ass, I love to explore surroundings and summit the Everest. Either way, it can be travelling to another country, my own or just working abroad for a while a year.

So I will tell you now this;

Do not let anything or anyone to stop you in your Base Camp. If you want to see the World, go out and explore and Summit your Everest. Commit yourself a goal, and when you get it, do not stay there. Keep proposing more goals and only then will you get what you want.

Don’t let anyone or anything to tie you down.

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