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What to see in Ella – Sri Lanka

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If you are willing to travel to Sri Lanka you are now in the right place. You are wondering what to see in Ella? Here are 3 places you can’t miss if you visit Ella.

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In this post, you will find recommendations, tips, what to see, places you can’t miss if you visit Ella and how to make your visit the best experience.

9 Arch Bridge

Our day starts early in the morning. After having breakfast in our hostel we leave towards the 9 Arch bridge.

From the centre of the village, it takes about 1 hour. It is very easy to get and there are indications everywhere. Also, the locals will be always there to help if you need. Sometimes they will expect a small tip in exchange but not always.

You can also access to the bridge from Ella’s train station. It is way faster but you will miss then all the beauty and it will be all railways.

Lugares que no debes perderte si visitas Ella. Puente de los 9 arcos

It is true that if you finally choose to take the railways, you can also find some nice landscapes, but our excursion to the bridge was definitely exciting. We were surrounded by jungle, orchards, gardens, slopes and hills until we got to a small hut that belonged to a very kind man. He offered us tea and also invited us to sit and relax in his beautiful natural terrace.

The man told us a bit about the place and also we got information about the train timetable. He just asked us for some promotion in exchange so people could go visit him as well.

Here’s the schedule so you can know when a train is passing through the 9 Arch Bridge:

Lugares que no debes perderte si visitas Ella

Once on the Bridge, we waited for the train to pass so we could have our pictures. It was like being in a movie. The landscape, the moment and the company made that moment a very special one on the trip.

Ella Rock

Another place you can’t miss if you visit Ella town is Ella Rock. 

In your What to see in Ella list this is a must. Once on the 9 Arch Bridge, you have to go through the tunnel following the railway and after half an hour you will arrive at Ella Station. From there, keep walking and search the entrance of the path to the peak.

Be careful at this point, because we got lost. The path is not indicated so read this carefully.

The entrance or beginning of the path to the peak is just beneath a tree. There’s a slope that in less than 10 meters ends up to a little bridge over a river flow. That’s the way. It may seem that it is private property, you will cross yards, gardens, then you will reach and find yourselves in the middle of the jungle

Ella has varying scenes and if you like photography you will be in paradise, there’s a lot to take pictures of.

Lugares que no debes perderte si visitas Ella

It depends on the season but you can’t forget to bring some water and stay hydrated. It is very hot and can be sometimes a bit tricky to climb.

After a couple of hours climbing the mountain we finally reached the peak and the view was just stunning.

To be honest, in the highlands of Sri Lanka it’s a bit chilly. I forgot that when I was climbing and sweating, so do not forget to take a thin jacket. You will need it at the top.

Be careful while climbing to Ella Rock. There is a lot of leeches and the can bite you. Not so painful but it can get infected if you don’t remove them appropriately. Take a lemon on your backpack to save you from this. if a leech bites you, just squeeze the lemon and the leech will leave you in peace by itself in few seconds.

After taking our breath back, enjoying the views and making the mandatory photoshoot on the top of the Rock we started our way down.

We could not have got lost this time, we got 2 amazing 4 legged guides. We named them Ella and El. They guided us back to the streets of Ella town.  

In Ella the gastronomy is not so diverse but rather touristy so we decided on sandwiches and a hamburger, which we deserved after having walked 20 kilometres!





Rawana Waterfalls

As it was not too late for us, we went to see the Rawana Waterfalls. A local bus stopes by the same town. There is only one bus stop and if you ask for it they will easily indicate you. It is at the end of the main street. The bus stop is the same that takes you to the South. Check the location of the bus stop on the map here if you need it.

The bus ticket was about 25 Rupies (0.15€) and it took us 15 minutes to reach the waterfalls. They are beautiful despite you can’t really access to them. We literally jump off the bus, took a couple of pictures and went back to town.

The place is in the middle of the road and there is nothing else you can do there but enjoy the views.

Trip definitely worths, the sound of the waterfalls, the smell of pure nature. Take the chance to relax and enjoy the place and its beauty.

We came back with the same kind of bus but this time it was so packed we had to go on the side of it with all doors open wide. Making some friends and trying not to fall down from the bus. We thought it was full but every few meters someone still jumped in.

The capacity of public transport in Sri Lanka is very relative.

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